Live Body Cam

Personal Security App​

Keep your family safe with live, personal video security wherever you go. Easy to use, easy to add others to your personal security team.
You’re never alone with Live Body Cam

Live Body Cam

Personal Security App​


Contact someone for help first, then open your Live Body Cam app for peace of mind while you’re waiting.


Live Body Cam is perfect for a safe, active lifestyle. Keep yourself safe while jogging, hiking, or even while biking.

Walking Home

Whether your just out stretching your legs, or have children walking home from the bus, Live Body Cam is the ideal security solution.

Working Late

You can’t be too careful? With Live Body Cam, you can keep yourself or loved ones safe with live video surveillance.

Night Out

Looking for a way to keep yourself safe during a night out? Whether you’re at a bar, club, or party, Live Body Cam will help keep you safe.

Wherever You Go

Our live video surveillance service allows you to keep an eye on your surroundings, no matter where you are. Live Body Cam is the perfect solution!

Add peace of mind to your life with Live Body Cam

Live Body Cam can provide peace of mind to your life. It can help you feel safe and secure when you are alone or in a potentially dangerous situation. It can also help you capture evidence if something happens. Download Live Body Cam today to start feeling safe and secure.

Want to know more?

Live Body Cam is the next generation in personal security technology. Try it for yourself and see how ideal it is for personal safety. Record your surroundings in real time! For more information please send us your questions.

We Will – Our Charitable Partner

We have partnered with We Will, a national nonprofit organization dedicated to sexual assault prevention and survivor empowerment to offer a portion of each sale to aid We Will in their fight against sexual assault. By purchasing our Live Body Cam product, not only will you help ensure your own personal safety, but you also provide hope for a world free of sexual assault.

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